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  1. Our second new product is a beautiful single bloom bouquet.

    Single bloom bouquets have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years, made ever more popular by lovely bouquets made from a single paper flower.

    I am very excited to present our fabric version of the single bloom bouquet.


    The flower is made from over 40 layers of fabric and is carefully manipulated and sewn to create a lovely 3D textured spherical shape. Beads and crystals are carefully threaded onto wire to create a beautiful light catching stamen at the centre of the flower. The handle is covered in a high quality Berisfords double satin ribbon to make it lovely to touch and comfortable to hold.


    The flower is made from our signature fine knitted fabric so can be hand dyed any colour as required.


    Weighing approximately 50g, this bouquet is very light, so is perfect for anyone who would prefer not to hold a heavier bouquet.

    Prices start from £65, please contact us for more details and to order one.

    Ali  x

  2. Over the next two weeks I am very pleased to be introducing two new products to our range.

    The first is a stunning vintage jewellery, brooch and fabric bouquet.


    Brooch bouquets have become increasingly popular over the last ten years. The eye-catching sparkle is a stunning alternative to a traditional flower bouquet.

    I am very excited to be combining our beautiful handmade fabric flowers with vintage jewellery and brooches.


    All our jewellery is second hand and is sourced from vintage fayres. They are cleaned up and carefully wired into the bouquet. As they are second hand, some of the gems might be missing, but we only select pieces that add to the character and vintage look of your bouquet.


    Perhaps you have a special brooch, earring, pendant, ring, button or charm that you would like to be part of your special day?  If so, we would love to include it to help make your unique bouquet even more special.

    Ali  x